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is to cover the gap between theoretical studies and work life for the general practitioner


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Unique professional courses

CG is proud to provide unique courses at the local and regional levels.

Six months access time

You will get six months of free access to course resources and files.

Low prices-special offers

Affordable prices with rewarding discounts for groups and when booking more than one course.

Learn first steps as a GP

Everything a GP needs to take his first steps in the clinic.

Contact your trainer

You can contact the instructor during & after the course to inquire and benefit from his expertise.

Extensive short training

30 training hours per course that will make a difference in your career as GP.

Study at Your Own Pace

Boost Your Career by Learning Skills in High Demand

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Clinic Guide is the first specialized platform in training General Practitioners to step there first steps in there career.

Well organized materials

Well-researched materials to suit the needs of general practitioners to practice their profession

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Organize your time and study schedule to suit your needs

Professional Experiences

We will put all our experience in your hands to ensure a satisfactory and practical result

GP-Drugs course

This course explains all the medicines that the general practitioner needs in the clinic and emergency including the scientific names with alternatives and all effects


This course explains how to read all medical tests and their details, the priorities of reading the values issued by the laboratories and understanding the results

GP - Clinic

This course explains how to deal with all emergency or normal cases from the moment of receiving the case to writing the prescription that the doctor may face in the clinic or emergency

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GP-Clinic course rating

GP-Clinic course rating


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GP-Drugs course rating

GP-Drugs course rating


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GP-Lab course rating