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Clinic guide is a platform specialized in training general practitioners to deal with cases that come to clinics and emergencies from the moment the case is received to the moment of writing the medical prescription, according to the best documented scientific practices.

clinic guide

Clinic Guide platform adopts the method of training through live broadcasting or through lectures recorded on the platform so that the general practitioner can return to the platform and review the lectures according to the timing he desires​

clinic guide

Clinic Guide platform offers free lectures in the field of medicines, regarding their direct and side effects, in addition to the scientific names, chemical compositions, and trade names of various medicines distributed in the Jordanian, Palestinian, Iraqi markets and many neighboring countries.

clinic guide

Clinic Guide also offers a special course for reading medical analyzes in the correct way, in terms of what the readings are, their lower and upper limits, and the impact of the readings on diagnosing pathological conditions, in addition to linking these readings to the medications prescribed for treatment.

Clinic guide

Clinic guide is dedicated to facilitating the professional journey of general practitioners, the platform stands as a unique and invaluable resource in the region, specifically designed to assist medical professionals in their initial steps within the intricate landscape of human medicine. Recognizing the significant gap between theoretical sciences taught at universities and the practical challenges encountered in clinics and emergency rooms, The platform serves as a comprehensive bridge. It goes beyond merely addressing the divide; instead, it endeavors to create a holistic learning environment that seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience.

In the dynamic field of medicine, where theoretical foundations often require practical application for true comprehension, Clinic Guide plays a crucial role in shaping the development of aspiring doctors. By offering a thoughtfully curated blend of educational content, real-world case studies, and interactive learning modules, Clinic Guide aims to empower medical students and early-career practitioners with the essential tools necessary to navigate the complexities of healthcare delivery.

Clinic Guide’s commitment extends beyond traditional educational paradigms, understanding that the transition from academia to the professional realm is not always straightforward. With a specific focus on practical insights, clinical scenarios, and immersive emergency room simulations, the platform seeks to equip general practitioners with the skills and confidence needed to excel in diverse healthcare settings. Through Clinic Guide’s multifaceted approach, the goal is to redefine medical education, ensuring that the journey from student to practitioner is not just informative but transformative. This preparation is aimed at enabling healthcare professionals to meet the challenges of contemporary medical practice with competence and adaptability.

To access a wealth of free lessons and valuable resources, please visit Clinic Guide’s YouTube channel. For further inquiries or to connect with us, you can easily contact Clinic Guide through the provided channels. Clinic Guide is your dedicated partner in the pursuit of excellence in medical education and practical clinical skills

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